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TPI Composites

  We are a leading wind-blade manufacturer and the only independent wind blade manufacturer with a global footprint. We were founded in 1968 and have been providing composite wind blades since 2001. Our knowledge and experience of composite materials and manufacturing originates with our predecessor company, Tillotson Pearson Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance sail […]

Rewilding Europe

  Making Europe a Wilder Place on Rewilding Europe… Rewilding Europe was formally established on 28 June 2011 as an independent, non-for-profit foundation (ANBI status) registered in the Netherlands. The four co-founders of Rewilding Europe are Frans Schepers, Staffan Widstrand, Neil Birnie and Wouter Helmer. Rewilding Europe currently incorporates two limited liability companies, the Rewilding […]

Green Energy UK

  We are the UK’s only supplier of 100% green gas and renewable electricity. Find out more about our ethical, sustainable energy and switch to GEUK today. Our energy is green, but our thinking is multi-coloured. For two decades we’ve been thinking innovatively about our energy and ensuring we remain true to our values. We’re […]